Pokémon of the Day

Hey people!

Sorry for being late, but we are working hard on our reports! And its all going to be over very very soon....

First of all, congratulations to Jessie Chen & Caroline Lindblad for being the two winner's and thus becomgin VRG's new Pokémons! Mew and Mewtwo!

But people, even though Jessie might be kind and adorable, you dont want to make her angry because after all she knows all the moves in the world of Pokémon. Same goes for Caroline, you dont want to mess with her either! She might blow you all the way to Jupiter. 

So we are getting closer to the christmas holidays, which means that everything needs to go slooooooow. After all, christmas is about relaxing, opening presents and eat a lot of food! even though you just want to kill yourself when you find yourself standing in the middle of NK desperately trying to find a present to various people....therefore we would like to present to you a slow pokémon today, and we would like everyone to nominate someone in school that you think resembles this pokémon, you know the drill!


The official description is: "Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten." 

Take it slow, mon. Take it slow. 

Postat av: cooooolkillllle

jag röstar för emil bluhme. de har samma kroppsform och är lika trötta

2008-12-17 @ 14:06:15
Postat av: Farling

NK miljön är depeimerande...

Men ja, Bluhme är nog den första jag tänker på

2008-12-17 @ 17:47:01
Postat av: science is all about life, life is all about science

vi är två här som röstar på paula. tror inte det behövs en motivering eftersom likheten är så pass uppenbar? alltså två röster på paula kjellén

2008-12-17 @ 23:17:13
Postat av: Paula

sluta jag är typ charlizard!

2008-12-17 @ 23:43:43
Postat av: krattaN^

I vote paula

2008-12-18 @ 09:08:38

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