The last Pokémon

We know, its true. Everything comes to an end sometime, and so does Pokémon (the greatest tale of all). But the second this term ends, so will our blog. We know its our destiny (pokémon!). 

First of all, congratulations to Paula Kjellén for being the winner and thus becoming VRG's own Slowpoke! But booooys, watch out for.....naaaah just kidding, she aint gonna do nothing. 

On to the creature of the day! 

Its Charmander!

The official description is: "The fire on the tip of its tail is a measure of its life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely."

Who do you think burns stuff up in school? Who is the hottest? Make your nominations!

Burn, Charmander, Burn! 

Pokémon of the Day

Hey people!

Sorry for being late, but we are working hard on our reports! And its all going to be over very very soon....

First of all, congratulations to Jessie Chen & Caroline Lindblad for being the two winner's and thus becomgin VRG's new Pokémons! Mew and Mewtwo!

But people, even though Jessie might be kind and adorable, you dont want to make her angry because after all she knows all the moves in the world of Pokémon. Same goes for Caroline, you dont want to mess with her either! She might blow you all the way to Jupiter. 

So we are getting closer to the christmas holidays, which means that everything needs to go slooooooow. After all, christmas is about relaxing, opening presents and eat a lot of food! even though you just want to kill yourself when you find yourself standing in the middle of NK desperately trying to find a present to various people....therefore we would like to present to you a slow pokémon today, and we would like everyone to nominate someone in school that you think resembles this pokémon, you know the drill!


The official description is: "Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten." 

Take it slow, mon. Take it slow. 

PokémonS (GASP) of the Day

Hey people!

So today we have a special treat for you! Instead just one Pokémon we are going to present TWO, AMAZING?! Double the fun, double the action! 

But before we give you the good news, we want to congratulate Isabelle Tell for being the winner and by that becoming VRG's own Jigglypuff! But booooys, dont make her angry or she might sing a song that will blow up your ears and make you head explode!

So now on to the pokémons. 

The official description of these two pokémons are: 

For the first one: "A Pokémon created by recombining MEW's genes. It's said to have the most savage heart among Pokémon"

For the second one: "Because it can use all kinds of moves, many scientists believe MEW to be the ancestor of Pokémon."

So by now you have probably guessed that the first Pokémon is Mewtwo, and the second one is Mew. 

Who in the school has the savage heart of Mewtwo and who in the school is just as kind and adorable as Mew?

A link to their heroic battle:

We know its not an actual link, just copy and paste it, lazy!

Evil vs Good. The best of two worlds, but who will prevail? Find out in the next episode. To be continued...

Chemistry lab round 2


Yesterday we did our second and final chemistry lab, and its finally over. The lab was about calculating the amount of energy lost when a certain alcohol heated up 100cm3 of water by about 40°C. We used four different types of alcohol: Propane, Ethanol, Methanol and Butanol. The alcohols produced flames of different sizes which didnt depend on the type of alcohol, but more like the size of the wick. It took about 4 minutes to heat up the water by 40°C, just a side-note. 

During the lab, we ran out of matches several times. But somehow Peter always managed to come back with some more. Even though he repeatedly accused some of us of having a box of matches in our pockets. When we finally asked him where he got the matches from, he gave us a list. Since this blog is for you guys, we thought we might share the list with you. So here it is: 

The various places Peter got the matches from: 
- Marietta's Café
- Teachers Kitchen
- Roger Lister's desk
- Uli Niebergall's pocket
- Fredrik Nylund's pocket

Here is a picture, the only picture that we were actually able to upload (thank you first graders), which shows Peter drawing some really funny pictures of students and teachers!

Check out his evil laughter. 

Alice tipsar!


Först och främst, tack till Caroline Broliden för denna idé! 

Men, det finns en tjej på skolan, som söker en partner.

16 åring tjej, lång, blond, blåa ögon. Helt underbar utan jämförelse. Gillar månskenspromenader och långa fika-stunder. Gillar Australiasisk mat och djur, och söker äldre (flintskallig) samhällskunskapslärare. Längtar efter en själsfrände för en seriös relation. Slå en pling på 0707-jag-väntar-på-dig-873. 

Team JAA önskar alla på skolan lycka till i sökandet av denna person. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  

New week, new pokémon!

Hello all fans, we know you have missed us during the weekend. The truth is, we have missed you too! 

In a few hours we are finally going to do our second chemistry lab, which will also be the last lab we do before the Christmas break. Now, the only thing we have to do is to write all the reports that we have to hand in, jeez. Hope that it is going great for everyone! 

As Christmas draws near, we have to continue announcing the Pokémon of the day. Congratulations to our own chemistry teacher Peter Whitley, you are the winner which means that you are VRG's own Bulbasaur. But giiiiirls, dont make him angry or he might poison you and attack you with razor leaves!

So now the the Pokémon of the day. It is Jigglypuff! The official description from the Pokédex is: "When it wavers its big, round eyes, it begins singing a lullaby that makes everyone drowsy."

Sing for us, Jigglypuff!

Pokémon of the Day

Hey people. 

First of all, congratulations to Oliver Panzar for being the winner, and thus becoming VRG's own Pikachu! But girls, dont hug him too much, after all he might shock you! 

Today's Pokémon will be someone that everyone knows. Its the first Pokémon in the Pokédex, some of you might already know who we are talking about. Its Bulbasaur! 

So please write the person in the entire school that YOU think represents Bulbasaur, dont forget to motivate. The official description according to the Pokédex is: "For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back". 

Go - go - go - Bulbasaur! 

Physics Lesson Round 2


Before we start working we would like to summarize what happened yesterday. When we entered the physics room at 13.30 everyone suspected yet another 3 hours long dreadful lesson. However, when Björn came into the room he promised us that the lesson wasnt going to be any longer than about 1 1/2 hours. Dont know if anyone believed him. But after 1 hour of energy and graph - learning, Björn gave us two options. Option 1 was to have a break and end at 3 o' clock. Option 2 was to continue until 14.45 without a break. After about 1 nano second, the entire class had used telekinesis, like Kadabra in Pokémon, and together decided to continue without a break. After the lesson was done, we realised that the lesson hand't a waste at all, and that everyone had learned quite a lot!

So thanks for not making the lesson too long, we are sure that everyone appreciated it. Tomorrow we are going to continue our experiments at the House of Science, round 2. 

Update will come soon! 

Belive it or not

We are actually making some progress. By this time we are practically done with the fusion of ice lab report. Yesterday we cracked the final problem thus; improving our Lf value. As I am writing this we are finishing the thermo dynamics questions. Thanks for those. At 13.30 we are planning to attend yet another thrilling physics lesson which we aim to endure, but perhaps most importantly, survive. If we succeed you will soon hear from us again.

see you soon

Pokemon of the day


So we wanted to start the day with something extra special. We are going to try and keep this up everyday, so keep sending responses to your blog! 

First of all, thanks to all the people that are congratulating us for our blog, its for you we write it! 

And now to the actual event. Today, and all the upcoming project days, we are going to nominate a pokemon as the "Pokemon of the day". Your task is to name the person in the school, student & teachers, that you think fit into the personality of the pokemon, fun right? :) 

Today, Pikachu is the pokemon of the day! So start writing responses on who you think fits Pikachu's curiosity and electricity. The official description, according to, is: "It lives in forests with others. It stores electricity in the pouches on its cheeks." Send in your motivation! 

Pikachu, we choose you! 

The House of Science

Hey everyone. 

So yesterday we, Björn's physics A group, visited the House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus) near Ruddammen. We were split into three different groups. We did some experiments on Optic and Colors. We calculated the speed of light using a oscilloscope. What the experiments proved was the theories we had learned in class, so for example i = r. We didn't learn many new things, we just saw the theories in action. After having done some experiments, we decided to add one that wasnt on the list in the beginning. It was to break apart a Rubic's Cube, clean it up, investigate its structure and then put all the parts together. Dont get us wrong, its not that we dont know how to solve one and want to do it the easy way, its more like... well... I'm not sure. Nerdy? 

We did some cool experiments which mirrors and colors. It showed us that you can actually create the color yellow by adding green and red light. But remember that its emission, which is not the same as when you mixed the color red and green when you were 5 years old which resulted in some "geggamojja". We learn and evolve everyday.

We also saw Sweden's biggest telescope, which was quite amazing if you compare it to the one here in school, which is more manually used than anything else. However, our is more cooooooooooozy. Also, the their telescope was really cold since if there were any elements in the room, it would disturb the picture. 

We also want to give our biggest thanks for all the "fika" which included some "bullar" and "saft". It really cheered us up!

So after spending about 4-5 hours in The House of Science, everyone went their own ways and planned the upcoming day. Some of us went to Kungshallen, and did some analytical tests. First of all, did you know that the chance of meeting someone increases by 200% when you enter Kungshallen? Yeah, thats right. The second after we state that number, one of us met an old friend. Amazing, isnt it? Also, we did some tests and found out some interesting facts about each other, but since none of you were there, you cant know what the tests were about. Hah, sucks doesnt it? 

We will come with updates and pictures soon! 


Hello all fans out there!

Today at 11.25 we heard a very familiar voice sing Britney Spears new song "Womanizer". Curiously we moved closer to the source and found that the singer was actually someone from the school namned ******. Do you think you know the name of the person? From this moment forward, we have started the "Hänga-gubbe" competition, give us the right name and you will recieve a price from us! 

So, do you think you have what it takes?

Spread the word to everyone you know and let the contest begin!

Song of the day

Before we leave for a totally awesome weekend without any homework, we would like to announce the song of the day. 

Congratulations to Pokemon, a game and awesome show that has truly touched and inspired each and every one of us.

The link to the Pokemon theme song. 


"Tänk dig en ocean"

We all know that students on VRG have something special in them. But today, we were truly surprised. We are amazed by Oskar Fröberg, we didnt know he could be so... deeeep...! He descbried the problem of the stirring rod in a very philosophical and professional way. He said "tänk dig en ocean" and the rest is a part of VRG's history. Too bad you werent there. 

Thanks to all our fans out there! 

Thank you, our saviours!

Hey people. Its us again. This time we are going to make it short. We want to thank the group namned "Masoan" for lending us their battery charger. Sometimes they are a bit annoying however, especially when one of their group member didnt want us to be able to work on our computers. Apologize to our fellow friends for possible misunderstandings. 

Here is a link to their blogg :


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