First of all, having 80% error when doing a lab is NOT acceptable. That was unfortunately what happened to us...We later noticed that we had done our calculations wrong, so we went from 80% to 20% error, which isnt as bad. Remember that experiments are experiments, they dont always turn out the way you want them to. What we learned from this, and what we are planning to do starting with the next lab, is to check the results after each try. So to all the people that made fun of us: that was the last time. But we are still keeping our spirits up, and living up to the rumour of being the best, most awesome, fantastic, kickass, omg-i-have-never-seen-anything-like-it, pwned group at VRG Djursholm. 

Yesterday, we had THE longest physics lesson of the year! It was supposed to be 1 hour and 30mins long, but after 2 hours and 30 mins, we still found ourselves sitting in the same room, listening to our teacher going through linear functions - something we learned last year. You should have seen our faces, everyone wanted to jump out of the window in desperation. H.e.l.p-m.e! Anyways, now its over and next week we are going to Vetenskapenshus, where we are doing different labs. It sounds fun and all, but the labreport that is going to summarize that trip is supposed to be 10-25 PAGES long. When our teacher told us about it, everyone froze, waiting for something to indicate that is all a BAD JOKE, it never never came.... NEVER! 

For all the people out there that arent sure if ice can get colder than 0 degrees, the answers is YES, it can, so deal with it. 

Postat av: paula

hahahhahahahahahahahha jag <3 er blogg

2008-12-08 @ 21:22:35

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