Physics Lesson Round 2


Before we start working we would like to summarize what happened yesterday. When we entered the physics room at 13.30 everyone suspected yet another 3 hours long dreadful lesson. However, when Björn came into the room he promised us that the lesson wasnt going to be any longer than about 1 1/2 hours. Dont know if anyone believed him. But after 1 hour of energy and graph - learning, Björn gave us two options. Option 1 was to have a break and end at 3 o' clock. Option 2 was to continue until 14.45 without a break. After about 1 nano second, the entire class had used telekinesis, like Kadabra in Pokémon, and together decided to continue without a break. After the lesson was done, we realised that the lesson hand't a waste at all, and that everyone had learned quite a lot!

So thanks for not making the lesson too long, we are sure that everyone appreciated it. Tomorrow we are going to continue our experiments at the House of Science, round 2. 

Update will come soon! 


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