You just have to love the project period and those two weeks of intense work. The discussions, the stress, the competition between the groups (no need for competition, everyone knows we are the best anyway, they might as well give up right now :P), the sleepless nights, the countless cups of tea/coffee... Actually, i don't want to know the amount of caffeine in all those cups. Hmm, about caffeine: "Caffeine is found in many plant species, where it acts as a natural pesticide, with high caffeine levels being reported in seedlings that are still developing foliages, but are lacking mechanical protection; caffeine paralyzes and kills certain insects feeding upon the plant."(Wikipedia). Those coffee-breaks suddenly seem less appealing...

I can't believe it's actually time for the chemistry/physics project! This is what every NV-student have dreamed about since their first day day at VRG. Ok, I might be exaggerating when I say that, but chemistry and physics is much better than social studies and swedish. Those are mediocre subjects. Chemistry, physics and mathematics are the "master-subjects". They are the whole reason you chose the NV-program at VRG, for Gods sake! I have been all over-excited the whole week about the project, from nervousness about the groups to curiousity about the labs. But I must say that I feel mush, much calmer now that the project has started for real. I couldn't be happier about the group I've been put in. After all we're the best group ;)

Today we did our first lab; the one about melting ice. I must say that it was a lot easier than the impression I got from the lab-papers, which was a relief. The hardest part about the lab was getting the electronic things to work, but after that was done it was a piece of cake. It was a bit tiresome to weight and take the temperature of water and ice 10 times, and at the end of the lab you felt all tired and hungry. God, I was hungry. However, it was very fun too, so I guess it was worth it. Now, all we need to do is to do all the calculations and analyze them. But that is tommorow.



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