The House of Science

Hey everyone. 

So yesterday we, Björn's physics A group, visited the House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus) near Ruddammen. We were split into three different groups. We did some experiments on Optic and Colors. We calculated the speed of light using a oscilloscope. What the experiments proved was the theories we had learned in class, so for example i = r. We didn't learn many new things, we just saw the theories in action. After having done some experiments, we decided to add one that wasnt on the list in the beginning. It was to break apart a Rubic's Cube, clean it up, investigate its structure and then put all the parts together. Dont get us wrong, its not that we dont know how to solve one and want to do it the easy way, its more like... well... I'm not sure. Nerdy? 

We did some cool experiments which mirrors and colors. It showed us that you can actually create the color yellow by adding green and red light. But remember that its emission, which is not the same as when you mixed the color red and green when you were 5 years old which resulted in some "geggamojja". We learn and evolve everyday.

We also saw Sweden's biggest telescope, which was quite amazing if you compare it to the one here in school, which is more manually used than anything else. However, our is more cooooooooooozy. Also, the their telescope was really cold since if there were any elements in the room, it would disturb the picture. 

We also want to give our biggest thanks for all the "fika" which included some "bullar" and "saft". It really cheered us up!

So after spending about 4-5 hours in The House of Science, everyone went their own ways and planned the upcoming day. Some of us went to Kungshallen, and did some analytical tests. First of all, did you know that the chance of meeting someone increases by 200% when you enter Kungshallen? Yeah, thats right. The second after we state that number, one of us met an old friend. Amazing, isnt it? Also, we did some tests and found out some interesting facts about each other, but since none of you were there, you cant know what the tests were about. Hah, sucks doesnt it? 

We will come with updates and pictures soon! 

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2008-12-09 @ 14:13:25

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